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Automatic Product Sampler (APS)

Optimizing Power Plant & Mining Operations

flow process APS

Automated Sampling

Samples are collected from the belt automatically using a cross-belt sampler​

  • Automatic operation using the plant’s distributed control system (DCS)​

  • No stopping or slowing the belt​

  • One sample every 15 minutes​​

The system can be designed to sampling and   preparation standards, including: ​

  • ISO-12743: Cu, Pb, Zn, Ni​

  • ISO-13909: Coke ​

  • ASTM-E877: Chemical Analysis​

  • ASTM-D7430: Coal 


Sample Preparation

Collected samples are crushed to the required size​

  • From 15kg to a 500g puck​

  • From 50mm to 4.5mm (Crusher 1)​

  • From 4.5mm to 200µm (Crusher 2)​

  • Coal moisture content is recorded​

  • Entire preparation process is automatically controlled and monitored​

Sample is ready for chemical analysis using X-ray fluorescence (XRF)

XRF Measurement and Analysis

VantaTM Reliability & Analytical Capability:​

  • Quantification of up to 30 elements in one measurement​

  • Detection down to 1 ppm for key elements​

  • Analysis of light elements, including Mg, Al, Si, and S​

Easy to Integrate:​

  • No external control box​

  • Accepts PLC or VantaTM Connect API Control​


  • Vibration Tested (MIL-STD)​

  • IP54 rated​

  • Industrial Locking Connectors

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