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APS Software

The APS has a software platform that supports integration with machine learning software.
The chemical composition, determined by the APS, of the ore or coal is automatically entered into the software, while the performance of the process or combustion is recorded and stored in the dedicated cloud.

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APS Software Management

  • Up Coming Coal Blend monitoring

  • Equipment Status and Trouble Shooting Video

  • Sample Data

    • List of Samples

    • Basic Information

    • Sample Picture

    • Compound & Ratios

    • Chemistry Concentration

  • Record performance of the combustion process and stored it online

  • AI advisory

APS Software: Optimization using AI (Power Plants)

  • APS software platform supports the integration with machine learning capabilities

  • Coal composition is fed into the software, meanwhile the performance of the process or the combustion will be recorded and stored in the designated cloud

  • AI software could analyze the performance of the process vs. the composition of the coal or and may advise the operator so they can quickly optimize settings to improve the efficiency.

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