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APS for Mining

The APS is the solution for having Real-time, automatic, continuous, rapid and accurate laboratory quality measurements with no delay resulting in an increased profitability and reduces CO2 Emission.​

  • One of the biggest challenges faced by a Mine operator is waiting for a lab report of the materials to be treated. Traditionally, the time span between sampling and processing of the material is a maximum of 2 weeks.

  • In this 2-week time span, the properties of the material to which all operational settings are tuned can change and become obsolete.

  • These changing properties result in not achieving the maximum potential efficiency and/or an excessive frequency of expensive shutdowns, which puts pressure on the profit margin and has a negative effect on emissions.

  • On-Belt analysis of the Ore.


Profitability in Accuracy: Improving Revenue

Homogeneous sample thought mechanical sampling

  • Provides representative, unbiased samples

  • Avoid inaccurate chemical result

  • Zero impact on belt speed

Quality Control of the ore grade

  • No penalty fees

  • Optimize profitability

Same process as in a Laboratory, but on-site

Profitability in Data: Real-Time Analysis

  • Real-time automatic, continuous, rapid and accurate laboratory quality measurements with no delay

    • Bulk mined material, such as

      • Aluminum (Al)

      • Titanium (Ti)

      • Iron (Fe)

      • Manganese (Mn)

      • Nickel (Ni)

      • Copper (Cu)

      • Light elements, including magnesium (Mg),  (silicon (Si), and sulfur (S)

      • Moisture

  • Fully automated and continuous to maintain high productivity

  • Inputs streamed directly to the plant control systems

  • Assist in efficient decision-making for

    • Material blending

    • Sorting decision

Open mine

Profitability in Guidance: Treatment Process

Real-time data can give you guidance in treatment process of your ore

  • Provide intel on whether you should add an extra process to remove an element compound

  • Help recover the concentration/ grade intended

  • Minimize the use of acid or another leaching compound

Profitability in Knowledge: Improving Blending

Real-time information on incoming Head grade

  • Give hourly report to your geologist in what ore grade

  • Manage penalty element

  • Reduce waste

  • Improve your overall blending

  • Faster process from mine to port

Mine 2

Profitability in Asset Management: Crushing

Comminution: The right tools for the right job

  • Adapt your crushing priority based on the incoming rock hardness through XRF real-time analyse

  • Better efficiency in concentrating key ore from embedded matrix materials

  • Extent assets life-time

  • Reduce maintenance cost

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